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May 22 2018

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peter and shuri develop a tradition where if one of them calls out the beginning of a meme, the other person has to finish it. 

he once made shuri yell “your dick is now a noodle” at okoye so she waits until steve finally lets peter hold his shield and yells “THIS BITCH EMPTY” only to watch peter scream “YEET” and fuckin throw the shield through a window

They get Groot in on in it and they both understand him

“I am Groot!”

“I won’t hesitate bitch!”

“They’ve barely known Groot and they can understand him perfectly.” Rocket is both amazed and confused

“Groot how can you know these terran memes? we’ve only been here for two days!”

“I am Groot”

“yeah of course”

“I am Groot”

“Who are you calling old!?”

“I am Groot”

“Those are my crocs”

“I Am Groot”


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What the-


i fucking hate how real this is

May 21 2018

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A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff being married y’all

“my body feels cold”

“Its shutting down. My point is…”

Very true!

Sometimes she is so aggressively Kate it makes me happy.

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Sean O'Connell still has the best weigh-in stare downs

You guys, he’s back!

I didn’t know that I needed to see this until I saw it.

To put it simple. You DONT have to act tuff. To be a tough guy.  haha

So I looked this guy up. First, not shown in the first gif is the fact that he’s just wearing regular pants:

Also, he’s written a sci-fi novel and has spent time in Africa building a school and orphanage for abused teenage girls. So, good for that guy.

Good guy mma dude.

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Saying Hello to the Dragon.

That is a fucking forest spirit and nobody will make me believe otherwise.


Full image here


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May 20 2018

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S9E5)

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Stargate Atlantis: The Defiant One

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I want emo versions of idioms

Like, instead of ““you’re barking up the wrong tree” it’s “you’re panicking at the wrong disco”

You can lead a horse to Evanescence but you can’t bring him to life

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As a child, you often daydreamed about a world you invented and you would occasionally write about it. 10 years later, you hear many different voices whispering to you. They are the prayers of the inhabitants of your imaginary world. To them, it has been 1000 years since you abandoned them.

Tough shit, kids, God has to write a fuckin thesis.

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Come my child, before the humans return

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I believe a little subtlety is in order.


Think about Ezra and Vin getting annoyed by the same social indiscretions…like putting boots up on tables inside the saloon.

Imagine Vin’s glowering over his cards at same loudmouth guy on the other end of the bar and Ezra slowly becomes aware he’s muttering since it’s hard to hear in the usual din of the saloon.

“Boardwalk railin’s fine for boots…and benches outside buildin’s are too…but folk gotta eat on these tables and Inez cleaned ‘em all up yesterday!”

Ezra didn’t do something so obvious as glance over his shoulder to see which unfortunate soul drew the Texan’s ire. His eyes did flick to the mirror over the bar though and he finally spotted the gentleman in question.  It was one of the cowboys that had just gotten off the trail—a batch of them had come in that morning and were looking for a good time. Ezra had written them all off as loud, rowdy and probably broke and so promptly dismissed them from his mind. Vin was more wary though.

“I didn’t realize you felt so strongly about such minutia.” Ezra commented, looking back to his cards now that he knew no fight was brewing….yet. He could trust Vin to be level-headed and not about to jump into a brawl over something so trivial but if the man in question heard Vin muttering away….well…he might not be so stable.

Vin’s tanned face turned a darker shade of brown as he flushed, and then he pressed his lips together. Ezra smirked quickly; amused at how guilty the tracker looked for learning he had been overheard. Blue eyes honed in on his cards and Ezra let Vin wallow in suspense for a few minutes, casually making a bet and drawing a new card for himself in the meantime.

“You’re quite right of course, Mr. Tanner. Only a philistine would put his disgusting trail-riding boots all over our dear Miss Inez’s tables.” Rapid movement in the mirror caught his eye and pulled his attention back to the table under scrutiny. “It seems our formidable proprietress has spotted the same problem irking you. Would you care to be the formidable figure glowering over her shoulder or should I?”

Vin was already half-way across the room, his cards shoved into a loose pile and tossed down in front of his chair before Ezra finished his sentence.  

Ezra gathered up the cards with a shake of his head—his compatriots always did have a habit of folding dramatically.

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